This is just some announcement which people will want to pay attention to! Learn More
This is just some announcement which people will want to pay attention to! Learn More

DataX | Automating Product Data Onboarding

Leverage AI solutions for better speed, quality, and precision. 

  • 60-70% faster onboarding, fully integrated with PIM and Master Data Systems.
  • Consistently better quality than manual entry, at machine scale.
  • At least 20-40% cheaper than current manual processes.

The cost of product data onboarding was reduced by 90% and time to onboard went from a few weeks to just minutes.

-Director- Content, Leading US Retailer

Before Implementing DataX
After implementing DataX

Our Solutions

CrowdANALYTIX’s DataX solution replaces your current manual process of onboarding product catalog data with a mostly automated one over a period of a few months.

Taxonomy Audit & Optimization

Define taxonomy, attribute names, and List of Attribute Values; monitor consumer behavior and need for changes to the taxonomy and make recommendations for changes periodically. Ensure that taxonomy is always optimized.

Item Setup & Onboarding

Classify products and extract structured product attributes in your custom taxonomy based on pdfs, technical specs, images, titles, and descriptions provided by suppliers and/or Content Service Providers. Use a semi-automated process, reaching 80-90% automation over a ramp-up period of six months. 

Item Governance & Validation

Monitor completeness and accuracy of attributes and product names; validate quality of images; periodically update the product name formula based on changes in how customers search. 

Customer Experience Optimization

Benchmark against competitor websites and Google Adwords Search to make recommendations for Product Listing Pages, Product Landing Pages, Product Titles, Bulletted Descriptions, Left Hand Navigation, Breadcrumbs, and more. 

Smart Asset Management

Audit asset library for gaps and fill those gaps with missing assets from manufacturer owned platforms. Automatically add metadata to the assets to make them easily searchable.

De-duplication & Product Matching

Recommend to customer products similar to the products they search based on self-learning matching algorithms.


We help you optimize your business to minimize risks and maximize revenue. 


CrowdANALYTIX solutions are customized to the needs of your unique enterprise. We start by understanding your business needs, and then customize thousands of AI components from our library to meet your specific requirements.


We measure the effectiveness of our solutions by the impact they have on your business, and we reflect that in our pricing model. We want to have a dollar impact on your business and we want to be paid from your gains. Our goal is to improve your profits.

Cost Effective

Our AI solutions are customized from a component library crowd-sourced from a global community of over 25,000 data scientists around the world. This gives us high-precision solutions without the overhead of a large data science team.

Vikas Zingade


Curious about how computer and computer programs work. Enjoy coding, keeps me at peace.

Love reading Sci-Fi and suspense thrillers. Like occasional trekking and singing. Often wonder if the Matrix universe is real, and we are all computer programs !!

Awaiting Quantum computers and its possibilities. My belief is Hulk can beat Thanos in Avengers 4.

Pramath K Mishra


I am passionate about thinking and writing complex algorithms on datasets to get insights. I enjoy exploring and understanding unstructured data and make it structured using algorithms.

Love to build the relationships across datasets and explore new algorithms & programming languages.

Mayuri Jha

Software Engineer

Understanding the medium, appreciating where the web can borrow from other desciplines marks a good developer and that’s what I strive for, keeping the simplicity and clarity intact. Committed to building something larger, learning better and rising up stronger. The biggest competition is myself.

Ayushman Kumar

UI Developer

Passionate in the field of Front End through participation in team-oriented assignments and to be an integral part of a company that considers people as its main asset.

UI Engineer with an eye for aesthetic detail.

Gauthaam M

Sr. Data Scientst

Bachelor degree in Biomedical engineering and Post graduation diploma in Data mining. Has worked with leading organizations from different countries including US, UK, Belgium, Indonesia, Australia, Turkey, and India. An ardent fan of Chelsea FC and loves unplanned trips.