Solution Overview: Marketing

How does CrowdANALYTIX help with marketing?

CrowdANALYTIX applies the latest in data science to achieve your automation and cost reduction goals. Our solutions are deployed on a secure, scalable server and integrated via APIs. Our consultants first understand your business challenges and then custom-build a scalable solution by selecting the best models, enabled by our community of over 25,000 data scientists.

What are the benefits of working with CrowdANALYTIX?

Many AI and digital transformation initiatives fail for three primary reasons:

1) Business challenges are not translated correctly into data science problems;       

2) Data is not structured and is not ready for analytics;

3) Not enough is done to eliminate biases and arrive at an optimal solution.

Our unique approach has helped several global enterprises avoid these failure points and successfully scale AI solutions.

Our solutions


Our 4-week program explores your unique business challenges and delivers a customized AI roadmap. Achieve AI-driven business growth via improved efficiency and new revenue streams.


You accumulate terabytes of content in the form of images, videos, audio and text. We auto-tag these documents so that you don’t need to do so manually.


Our custom platform to build, manage, and deploy a suite of AI models for your business DevelopX handles everything needed to maintain relevant, profit-boosting, swift AI models.


Making your internal models API enabled and auto-scaling. Continuous monitoring and optimization is part of the package.

How it works

Our four step process starts with defining your AI roadmap and ends with maintaining and tuning your production solutions.

We evaluate your current data and business challenges to prioritize the areas that can yield the highest, fastest ROI. We can take your business all the way from mapping out an AI strategy and structuring data, to building, managing, and deploying the most complex AI solutions.

Data is handled securely either within your premises or with appropriate anonymization and encryption.


AI algorithms to optimize customer segmentation, product placement, pricing and personalize promotions.

Customer Segmentation

Segment customers based on behavior and response to specific product offerings.

Price & Promotions Prediction

Predict the price of products and discounts by location and customer segment.

Product Elasticity Analysis

Determine elasticity of brands, product types across locations and use that to influence pricing, discounting and inventory decisions.

Product Assortment Optimization

Determine the best assortment of products and product attributes based on analysis of consumer demand and buying behavior.

Product Placement Optimization

Determine most optimal placement of products both online and in-store.

Auto-create Ad Content

Auto-create ad content customized to the needs and behavior of each consumer segment.

Competitor Intelligence

Identify factors that are important to your business and measure your competitor’s along the same factors to determine the key differentiators and areas of improvement.

Case Studies: Marketing

Top Japanese Retailer

Dynamically predict price and promotional discounts and integrate with eTags in the store multiple times a day to maximize profitability and revenues.

Top 3 US Media Giant

Analyze set-top-box data to determine consumption patterns and leveraging the predictions to personalize ad targeting.

Top Global Pharma

Predict bid price of generic drugs to maximize the chance of winning bids without compromising on profitability.

Top 3 US Telecom Vendor

Build models to predict customer churn across geographies and customer segments.

Top US Telecom Provider

Determine changes in messaging and product mix to improve customer experience at a granular level.

Top Japanese Railways & Retailer

Segment customer based on behavior and determine which message should be sent to which segment every month.

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