Solution Overview: Automating Product Data Onboarding

How does CrowdANALYTIX help?

CrowdANALYTIX’s DataX solution replaces your current manual process of onboarding product catalog data with a mostly automated one over a period of few months.

  • 60-70% faster onboarding, fully integrated with PIM systems.
  • Consistently better quality than manual entry and at machine scales.
  • At least 20-40% cheaper than current manual processes.

Before DataX
Before DataX
Data from multiple Content Service Providers and Vendors in a variety of taxonomies need to be normalized and standardized before they can be used. This can take 4-8 weeks to onboard and is inconsistent.
After DataX
After DataX
After deploying DataX, you no longer need to subscribe to multiple content service providers for different types of content. Our system relies on data from your vendors and our machine learning models autoclassify those products into your taxonomy and enrich those products with structured product content.

Our Solutions

Audit taxonomy & attribute definitions

Perform an automated audit of your current taxonomy and attribute definitions and align them with industry standards. Make suggestions for improvement in display taxonomies based on how consumers currently search for your products.

Define taxonomy & attribute definitions

Perform an evaluation of your current and future product assortment goals and create taxonomy and attribute definitions that can easily scale with your catalog, without introducing ambiguity as the catalog expands.

Product image validation

Validate images for match with rest of the product content, brightness, background color, objectionable content, etc. to ensure that there are no customer experience or legal issues.

Product image enhancement

Enhance images by automatically removing noisy backgrounds, cropping images, zooming, splitting images into multiple components, etc. using deep learning techniques.


Autoclassify products into your custom taxonomy for thousands of product categories, at up to 7 or 8 levels down in your hierarchy.

Product attribute enrichment

Automatically extract hundreds of product attributes from PDFs, images, and other raw content provided by suppliers or other trustworthy sources.

Title & description creation

Automatically create product title and bulleted descriptions to optimize the customer experience, make information consistent across SKUs, and ensure that key product attributes are always represented in the titles and descriptions.

Asset library creation

We source all the content in the form of data sheets, product manuals, technical specifications, warranty policy, etc. associated with a specific product from suppliers directly to make your asset library as complete as possible.

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