This is just some announcement which people will want to pay attention to! Learn More
This is just some announcement which people will want to pay attention to! Learn More


A pool of data science resources and tools to build enterprise grade custom AI solutions.

Resources will include a mix of data analysts, data engineers, statisticians, data scientists, and data visualization resources, as well as the infrastructure and cloud resources needed to train and manage models. Senior solution managers will be available to help organizations translate business challenges into data science solutions.


Building a data science team in-house isn’t easy. It’s hard to attract resources and it’s even harder to keep them all fully utilized, since you need at least 5-8 resources with a variety of skills ranging from data engineering to data exploration, statistics, and machine learning. Outsourcing can be expensive, costing $50 to $150 per person-hour with no guarantee of success.

Our Offer

For a minimum subscription of 3 Data Science Units (DSUs*), you get:

    1. Access to the resources defined below, and a single point of contact for all projects.
    2. Ability to rapidly define an AI roadmap, structure your data for AI and build and manage the solutions you need to accelerate your business using AI.
    3. Freedom to transition all or part of the solutions built to your in-house teams.

*A Data Science Unit, or DSU for short, is a combination of the resources listed below in the proportions demanded by a certain project amounting to approximately 80-100 hours of time per DSU

Resources Description
Model Building Tools Frameworks and open source tools needed to accelerate model building
Pre-trained models to quickly customize baseline models Existing pre-trained generic models for quickly building baseline predictive and forecasting models
Engagement Manager Single point of contact to Customers for understanding business challenges, defining and delivering the engagement
Data Engineer To process data and make ready for analysis; and to deploy and monitor models on testing, staging and production servers.
Data Scientist To build models and to manage and validate models submitted by the community
Statistician To interpret results and provide analysis and insights on what the model means from the business
Front-end Engineer To design and build UI and dashboards
Back-end Engineer To build the back-end software for dashboards
Test Engineer To test both the algorithms and the web apps developed for specific clients and periodically validate and stress test systems
Data Analyst To prepare training data and to manually validate output of models
Cloud Infrastructure Associated with the number of servers and GPUs needed to train and deploy models
Crowdsourced Data Science Community Access to a community of over 25,000 data scientists through public or private contests

How it works

Step 1: Subscribe

Subscribe and get an annual minimum number of Data Science Units (DSUs).

Step 2: Engage

Utilize the platform for various data science needs, ranging from data preparation to model deployment and maintenance. Your own Engagement Manager will work with you to configure each project.

Step 3: Launch

Launch projects on the platform and monitor their progress. Pricing is based on DSUs needed at different stages, and your approval is required before initiation.

Step 4: Manage

Your Engagement Manager will deploy and manage resources as needed for each project and stay in contact with you and your teams.

Step 5: Maintain

Projects are maintained continuously, including performance monitoring of each model deployed and flagging of models for tuning whenever necessary.

Vikas Zingade


Curious about how computer and computer programs work. Enjoy coding, keeps me at peace.

Love reading Sci-Fi and suspense thrillers. Like occasional trekking and singing. Often wonder if the Matrix universe is real, and we are all computer programs !!

Awaiting Quantum computers and its possibilities. My belief is Hulk can beat Thanos in Avengers 4.

Pramath K Mishra


I am passionate about thinking and writing complex algorithms on datasets to get insights. I enjoy exploring and understanding unstructured data and make it structured using algorithms.

Love to build the relationships across datasets and explore new algorithms & programming languages.

Mayuri Jha

Software Engineer

Understanding the medium, appreciating where the web can borrow from other desciplines marks a good developer and that’s what I strive for, keeping the simplicity and clarity intact. Committed to building something larger, learning better and rising up stronger. The biggest competition is myself.

Ayushman Kumar

UI Developer

Passionate in the field of Front End through participation in team-oriented assignments and to be an integral part of a company that considers people as its main asset.

UI Engineer with an eye for aesthetic detail.

Gauthaam M

Sr. Data Scientst

Bachelor degree in Biomedical engineering and Post graduation diploma in Data mining. Has worked with leading organizations from different countries including US, UK, Belgium, Indonesia, Australia, Turkey, and India. An ardent fan of Chelsea FC and loves unplanned trips.