Real-time visualization of large streaming datasets, in motion and in rest, to enable smarter sifting and assimilation of the deluge of information from customers, competitors, suppliers, governments and other sources.

Innovation Teams, Corporate Strategy & Development, Research Groups, Market Intelligence especially in rapidly transforming industries such as technology, automotive, financial services, energy and defense can benefit from this solution.

Draw deeper insights

  • Rapidly integrate all relevant data source - internal and public.
  • Visualize connections across entities.
  • Track trends, understand risks and uncover opportunities faster.



Real time processing

Unstructured data like RSS, text and images using advanced NLP for entities and relationships


Explore & Analyze

Searches millions of articles & relationships Graph visualization helps focus on areas of interest


Distilled Insights

Drill-down for details and compare with previous trends to deliver impact

How it works



The tool ingests multiple RSS feeds, text articles and publications



Topic Identification, Entities extraction and connections between entities/articles using NLP/ML



Network visualization graph of all knowledge sources clearly indicating the most valuable information

Case Study

What we do

We processed & visualized publications and text articles in the pharmaceuticals industry for one of the top 3 pharmaceutical giants to monitor key developments in the industry and help make strategic decisions.

Value being delivered

  • Reduced research time by 50%
  • Continuously ingest and extract real-time unstructured text data and convert into insights; an activity that took weeks earlier
  • State of the art NLP / Deep Learning techniques were used to build text classification models for text summarization & modeling.