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This is just some announcement which people will want to pay attention to! Learn More

Meet the models


The third article in the colleXion series introduces you to our models. You already know that they are focused, narrow AI models that do one thing and do it well. You also know that combined together, they have the ability to deliver broad solutions. We’d like you to meet some of our showcased models and explore the variety and depth of their features.

Imagine an ideal world where a search for “caffeine free, vegan, organic certified, locally manufactured” consumer good actually throws up just that. And a search string that goes, “V-neck, sleeveless, maroon, plaid top” doesn’t fill your customer’s screen with full sleeved polka dot prints. What if your finicky customer wants to see only those products that are “BPA free and packaged in recyclable containers”, and gets that in one click? If you need to process a lot of invoices, how great would it be to have every document parsed, elements extracted, tons of manual work eliminated!

The good news is that this ideal world is real, made possible by more than a thousand focused AI models that, when combined into colleXions, generate some stunning capabilities for your business.  

It is the Consumer Packaged Goods colleXion that makes it possible to confidently offer your customers products classified by such specific attributes as the country of origin, manufacturer, net weight, whether it contains MSG – just to name 4 of the 29 models in this colleXion. Add to these the 18 models that make up the CPG – Certification and Claims colleXion, and you can drill down to products that are Animal Welfare Approved, BPA free, Rainforest Alliance certified – pretty much every kind of certification there is. And then we have 83 models working to extract Nutrition Facts, 269 in the Product Attribute Library, and a whopping 414 in the Supplementary Facts colleXion!

As you might expect, the Fashion colleXion, with its 90 models, stands out for its sheer versatility. Along with the more apparent attributes like color and neckline, we also extract the less obvious ones such as fade style and abrasion (for denims), fabric patterns, degree of transparency (for stockings and such), variants of swimwear, footwear, undergarments, neckties, socks, and even a superhero attribute across all clothing and accessories! So if you want a complete outfit featuring the same superhero (from hat to shoes), you’ve got it – in one, clean search.

Intelligent and optimized use of data leads to accurate product searches, so don’t be surprised if you find your business growing and you have a lot of invoices to handle. You can automate all of that with the Document Layout colleXion, that lets you extract elements of invoices by detecting tables and lines, extracting images, text and forms, and parsing the document layout, enabling automated processing of all your paperwork. The models you just met make up only a fraction of the wide range in our repository, catering to nearly every retail business use case we could think of. Come, visit the colleXion store to discover some very cool AI tools.


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