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    What is CrowdANALYTIX?

    CrowdANALYTIX is an advanced analytics platform that enables data-driven decisions using the wisdom of a global community of data scientists, statisticians and experts on advanced analytics. CrowdANALYTIX solvers enjoy being part of a global community and some of the benefits are:

    1) fun and interesting problem to work
    2) opportunity to challenge yourself and learn new things
    3) network with new people
    4) opportunity to be celebrated personally
    5) freedom to choose what projects, contests and assignments to do
    6) to be a Lead Analyst

    It is a form of social network of people with a common interest - advanced analytics and all its variations. You can send private messages. You can form teams with other solvers. Over time, its features will evolve to address more needs.

    What is a CrowdANALYTIX MODELING Challenge?

    Modeling challenges or competitions are defined as problems where processed or raw data is given to the community to build models to predict an outcome variable based on the business objective. Solvers are encouraged to build different varieties of models or features and submit their predicted output for the test data, which is then evaluated based on an evaluation metric like RMSE etc. The scores are then reflected on the public leaderboard for all submissions. Modeling challenges usually run for a period of 3 weeks. Different variations of modeling contests are organized based on the problem definition.

    What is a CrowdANALYTIX IDEATION Challenge?

    Ideation challenges are defined as contests where a sample data is provided and solvers are asked to come up with possible solutions and ways to use the data for modeling purposes. The main goal of these contests are to come with solution reports for following: how to most effectively use the data and modeling process for business problem in hand, among others. In some cases, there is no sample data, in which it becomes a reporting problem explaining how the problem can be tackled using analytics.

    What is a CrowdANALYTIX VISUALIZATION Challenge?

    Visualization contests are organized for mostly RAW data exploration and to gain actionable insights from the data which can then be presented to the client in a quick and effective manner. It is more visual analytics than pure data visualization. We encourage solvers to come up with statistical insights from raw data and then present in an intuitive and creative manner for the user to base their decisions.

    What is a CrowdANALYTIX LEARNING Challenge?

    Learning challenges form part of contests which are organized for community learning. They might be free or paid depending on the level of problem and are mostly held in collaboration with universities etc. Many times these contests are private contests so individual attention can be given to each participant and help them learn the concepts being covered in the course.

    How do I become a Lead Analyst at CrowdANALYTIX?

    We expect Lead Analysts to have prior experience and expertise in performing similar roles and good domain expertise. They need to be hands-on in the use of relevant tools, and need to have relevant industry experience. Experience on the CrowdANALYTIX platform is a huge positive. Email us to know more.

    I own a boutique company doing advanced analytics. Can my company be a Solver or a Lead Analyst?

    Absolutely. About 10% of the members of our community represent a boutique company. You are welcome to play Lead Analyst roles assuming you have the right levels of experience and expertise.

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    How do I register and what information is needed?

    You can register for new account at: http://crowdanalytix.com/register.htm Please enter a valid email address which is needed for all future communications and account verification. Username, full name and timezone are the only requirements to create a new solver account.

    Where can I change the time zone settings or password?

    Go to Account Settings after logging in and under "Password" tab, there is option to change the timezone. Select your timezone and click change. This would not affect your password. For change of password, enter old and new password to change password.

    How can I delete my account?

    Go to Account Settings after logging in and Click on "Delete Account" tab. Please specify the reason you want to delete the account and we would process your request within the next 24 to 48 hrs.

    How can I update my profile?

    Go to Profile and click "Edit Profile" on right hand side. Here you can update information about your profile like work experience, education etc. and we also encourage you to add tags to describe your skills and domain expertise.

    Why am I being asked for identity information?

    As with any organization, we need a solid handle on who is working on our projects. Some client projects may require additional background and reference checks. Esp. for private contests. Public profile information will also help others users to contact similar users based on interests and improve your network and to form teams for contests.

    How to send private message to another user?

    Messages can be sent via 2 ways.
    A) Go to your inbox (top bar) and click new message. Enter username of user who you want to send message. If you don't know the username, typing few alphabets will give you suggestions for usernames. Select the username you want to send message and enter your message.
    B) Go to a user profile and click on send message on right hand side. This opens a pop up window to send private message.

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    How do I submit a response to a contest?

    Contest responses can be submitted only after you "Join" an open contest. After joining the contest, please click on the "Entries" tab on the contest main page. Click "Add an Entry" button. Only pdf, csv, excel, word and zip files are allowed as submissions. Please check the contest description for type of file format to be submitted. Modeling contests only accept csv format. Contest once closed, cannot be participated and hence no responses can be submitted after the deadline.

    How I can participate in private contests?

    Private contests have pre-approved list of participants for learning and university competitions. For some private contests, you can request for an invite. After which a CA manager will contact you and based on the contest requirements, can approve or reject your request. These are handled on a contest by contest basis for each user request. For some private contests: only selected, known solvers, who have signed confidentiality, NDA and other agreements can participate in the contests. Please send an email if you have any queries about private contests.

    After I submit a solution, how much time does it take to be notified of the results?

    For automated leaderboard modeling contests, the resulting score will be emailed to you within 1 or 2 minutes provided your submission file is in the right format. For manual leaderboard modeling contests, the score will be evaluated once or twice a day and an email will be sent to you informing the same. This usually takes maximum of 6 to 8 hours on weekday.

    I cannot see the leaderboard?

    Public leaderboard is only visible for modeling contests to contest participants.

    Is public leaderboard updated for submissions submitted just before the contest deadline?

    Yes. For leaderboard based modeling contests, public leaderboard is updated once after the contest has closed for submissions which have been submitted at the very last minute. You are encouraged to submit response until the last minute. Those responses will be evaluated and scores will be updated on leaderboard. This is valid for both manual and auto-leaderboard.

    How does the public contest leaderboard works?

    The leaderboard for modeling contests can be either automatic or manual. For automatic leaderboard, the system first checks the validity of the response format i.e. correct no. of columns, csv format and no. of rows should be match the submission response format file. If the response file format is not correct-the response is rejected and notification is sent to participant to submit the file again in correct format. The response file submission format is always given as contest document. After the response file format has been checked, the system calculates the response based on the evaluation metric set and the score is updated on the leaderboard (please refresh the page, if you don't see your score on the leaderboard). An email informing the score is also sent to the participant. If the score is greater (or smaller based on contest evaluation criterion) than one already on leaderboard, leaderboard will not be update, only a notification email with score will be sent to the user. This process usually take less than 5 minutes. For manual leaderboard, the responses are evaluated by CA and this usually is done once or twice a day.

    Can I use the competition data for my school projects?

    Please contact us, if you want to use the data for school or university projects. This is evaluated on a cases by case basis based on the data privacy rules for the contest data. Some of the contests are client sponsored and hence the data cannot be used without their explicit permission.

    Can I use the competition data for commercial solutions?

    The CA contest data cannot be used for any commercial use. Please contact us for any enquires.

    Where to download data for open contests?

    The data files for the contest can be downloaded only after you have joined the contest. Go to "Information" tab and click on "Data" tab, from here you can download the contest data files.

    What documents do I need to submit after winning the contests?

    The following documents are needed after you have been declared a contest winner and your code and model has been evaluated by CA:

    A) Passport Copy / Govt. Issued Identity Card
    B) Tax Card / PAN Card
    C) Signed CA Invoice Document

    How will I receive my prize money?

    Contest prize is directly transferred to winner's bank account. We only transfer money to bank account with same name as the contest winner. Tax is deducted for all prize money, which is decided on a country by country basis. If you don't hold a bank, please contact us for queries.

FAQ Disclaimer

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