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How does CrowdANALYTIX differ from AutoML and other AI platforms?

When you first embark on building AI models for your organization, deciding which set of tools to use can be confusing. AI platforms seem like a convenient choice: they promise to provide a bunch of pre-built models that only require you to feed in data. Then you sit back and watch the platform try out different models, compare accuracies, and within a few hours, give you a winning model that you can start using. 

The idea is that you don’t need expensive data scientists to build or manage these AI models. While some of these promises might hold true, a few key pieces get missed. These AI platforms are rarely able to provide production-grade algorithms that can be scaled and trusted with your company’s million dollar decisions.

There are some key considerations to include in your decision when choosing AI for your business:

  1. Your model is only as good as the data it uses. If your data is incomplete, unstructured, or low-quality, it will be difficult to achieve good results.
  2. Tools can’t completely replace people. Sometimes no matter how hard we try, we cannot get an ideal training data set that a model needs to train effectively. Data scientists need to make engineering decisions on the combination of models needed and on how the training data may need to be adjusted. No tool can help you with these complex decisions. You need trained data scientists with both statistical and machine learning skills.
  3. Your business is unique. It will need different combinations or models to fulfill specific needs and requirements. In most production deployments, whole ensembles of models are needed to adapt to different business scenarios. AI tools can’t help you determine these needs—only trained data scientists can successfully move you towards meeting your enterprise’s goals. 
  4. Once models are successfully deployed, they still need to be monitored constantly. Without monitoring, precision will decrease over time as data changes and grows. You need data scientists to analyze and update your models to maintain precision at its original level. 

CrowdANALYTIX offers a combination of pre-built components and customizations by trained data scientists. We have components for businesses across all industries, and we make a community of over 25,000 data scientists available to customize and maintain client models. Businesses come to us with problems and we give them optimized solutions in the form of an API (Application Programming Interface) or applications for web and mobile. CrowdANALYTIX can maintain and adjust models to keep them precise over time so that solutions can grow with the enterprise they serve. 

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