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How combining narrow AI models can help build your AI solution with broad capabilities


In the previous article we talked about how broad AI solutions can be too broad and lose focus, while narrow AI solutions by themselves cannot offer a complete solution. We also hinted that with colleXion, you can have the best of both worlds – a set of focused models working together seamlessly to give you the means to showcase a broad spectrum of features for your customers.

How does this work?

Say your customer wants to remodel their home. They send you pictures of their rooms, their walls, parts of the house they want to renovate. The pictures are of a well-furnished, lived-in house – so there are sofas, tables, bookshelves, pictures on the walls, maybe pets lounging around. They want to know what their room would look like with the walls painted a different color.

You can pick a model that recolors solid walls. Pass the pictures through this model and you can see the walls in any color you like. Easy enough. But why not go further and show them what the room would look like with and without furniture? Maybe the furniture they have right now doesn’t go with the new color. You could use our color palette model to show a range of colors that go together, so that they can narrow in on a color scheme that works for them. Pack a few more models together, and you can show them bookshelves in different colors, sofas upholstered with different fabric, maybe recolor the cushions, the bookshelves and the wall paintings. (We leave the pets alone though; we are told they look good in any setting.)

You can also use colleXion to enhance your e-commerce website. Have products on the shelf that you want to quickly put up on your website? You have the photographs, but it’s taking too much time to ensure the picture is clear, the background clean, the shadows eliminated, the image centered? We have AI models that can do all this for you and more. Just pick the Blur Detection model, the Background Removal model, the Product Shadows model (throw in the Reflections one as well), and the Product Centering model, create a colleXion of these, and just put them to work on digitizing your entire store!

It really is as simple as that. You pick the models you want, pack them into a colleXion, integrate within minutes, and you get AI with broad capabilities. Each individual model is focused and accurate; the integration of these produces broad AI that inherits the same focus and accuracy, giving you the best of both worlds.  


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