Key financial indicators derived from publicly available data are of value to investors, demand forecasters and analysts across financial services and corporates globally.

Use publicly available information to derive elusive signals and insights

  • Track macro-economic trends, market conditions, companies & competition, people, job markets, media perception, weather and more for domestic and international markets
  • Understand key market risks and their impact on your business ahead of time
  • Uncover potential opportunities for investment and growth



Configure & Connect

Configure for companies and extract indicators from multiple unstructured data sources


Sensitivity Analysis

Determine impact on business based on shifts in relevant financial indicators


Rolling Forecasts

Predict short term business outcomes on a continuous basis

How it works



Our platform ingests internal and relevant publicly available data



Multiple data scientists fine-tune each algorithm for optimal predictions



Hundreds of bots extract signals, metrics and deliver forecasts in dashboards

Case Study

What we do

For a top 4 Audit firm, we monitor external indicators like macro-economic, real estate trends, financial markets, Market conditions, Peer group indicators and more to predict loan loss rates for commercial loan portfolios of banks

Value being delivered

  • Predict loan loss rates on a quarterly basis for commercial loan portfolios of banks
  • Continuously ingest, derive metrics and optimize models for ongoing use based on back testing
  • Models operate at a precision of 90% or higher, uncover risks ahead of time which allows banks to allocate loan loss allowance appropriately.