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Everything works better when it’s focused


It’s no secret that a lot of businesses end up frustrated that automation is not what they had imagined it would be. It’s automation! It’s supposed to free up the humans! So why are humans spending more time than ever wondering why the AI is so inconsistent, inaccurate and in need of constant correction?

The answer is – lack of focus. Not on the part of the humans, but on the part of the AI. It has never been taught to focus! So it just lets itself be pulled in all directions at once, often missing out on what’s important at the moment. It could be a really simple thing, something that a human can do without expending any brain power at all. But the AI misses it because it doesn’t have context. 

What this means is that the AI is failing because it has not learnt about specific use-cases for that business into which it has been deployed. It may perform better in a different domain, and there’s no way to tell which one that could be, because the AI has most likely been trained on generic datasets. It’s a hit or miss. What this business really needs is an AI that understands that exact business. 

At CrowdANALYTIX, we give you exactly that. Take for example, our module that enriches product data using AI. This module takes raw product data and returns better formed titles, enriched attributes, well-populated specification tables, even generates the table if required, by gathering missing data from supplier websites and a whole lot more. The part where the context really plays out is here – this model builds and executes a completely customized machine learning model to auto-classify all your products into a defined taxonomy. This auto-classification is very specific to your business domain, and our model is great at learning specifics. After some initial human validation to fine-tune the model, you can just keep feeding it batches and batches of SKUs and have them all properly classified within no time.  

This is what we mean by AI that has been trained with use-cases specific to your business, so that it has context. 

What if some of your business needs change? Don’t worry, we have you covered. We continuously monitor the AI to adapt to any changes and re-tune it to give its best. 

The result of this is a product that works accurately and consistently, eliminating the need for drudgery, so that the humans can do what humans do best, leaving the AI to carry on with the automation. 


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