All providers of virtual and physical products online need to align their content with consumer search patterns. The most important step in making this alignment is product attribution or the act of structuring the catalog to capture consumer intent. Clients that use our solution are quickly able to automate this process of catalog enrichment.

Turn your product images, title, descriptions and more into actionable data

  • Capture consumer intent
  • Improve customer search & discovery for higher conversions
  • Automate product on-boarding and save hours of manual processing



Benchmark Quality

Benchmark each product attribute vis-à-vis competitors


Enhance Catalog

Tune models to auto populate values for these attributes


Continuous Improvement

Optimize product attributes to capture consumer intent

How it works


Our platform ingests over 2M SKUs an hour


Hundreds of bots extract relevant item attributes


Processed data is integrated with the live product catalog at the rate new SKUs are received

Case Study

What we do

For a Top 3 US retailer, we enrich a million to nine million SKUs a day with hundreds of structured product attributes.

Value being delivered

  • Reduced cost of optimizing product data by 60-70%
  • Continuously ingest and optimize 2M SKUs every hour; an activity that took months earlier
  • Our models operate at a precision of 90% or more; the Top 3 US Retailer now knows exactly how trustworthy their product data is and steps needed to make it better

Delivering structured product content at scale